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Ant-Man: Quantumania - Movie Review

I did wait until the weekend mania was settled... also, it was discount Tuesday and I saw this movie in IMAX 3D.

I did enjoy this, but I don't know... it wasn't as thrilling as other Marvel movies. I think my issue was that you don't really get to see the level of destruction that Kang can cause.

With Thanos, he'd been this lingering threat for several movies, and then in Infinity War, you got to see him wreck shop on everyone's ass. So, by the end, when he did his thing, you're left wondering just how in the hell were the avengers going to defeat him?

Now, I did watch the Loki TV series, and some of the Marvel cartoons, so I had some knowledge of who Kang was. However, i still feel like they didn't show exactly just how badass of a threat he really is. And I think that put a slight damper on the movie overall. There were some parts that were slow, but not boring.

The 3D was okay. just watching this in IMax will do. It's not like Avatar where it's filmed for 3D. there were some nice action sequences and special effects. The humor didn't feel forced and there was a level of cartoon/comic corniess where some of the characters were concerned.

I did enjoy seeing Scott interact with his daughter and the whole family together was nice to watch them work as a team.

You got some cameo performances that got a chuckle out of me. I still can't decide if I liked Ant-man 2 more than this, or about the same.

i did watch both after credit scenes, because that's what I do as a comic movie lover with expectations. The scene after the credits is a good one that ppl should wait to see.

You can tell they are setting up the next phase of Marvel.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT, BUT I'M KEEPING MY EYES ON YOU. I'm watching you movie. I wouldn't say your'e skating on thin ice, but you should be careful of that crack you see. Bailiff, you can release this movie, it's free to go.

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