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The Society

Web Series


The Society

A Demon Gate Spin-Off


Nicholas Bella

Copyright 2020 by Nicholas Bella




“I’m starving,” Sheila said as she reached down, grabbing the bacon cheeseburger she ordered from one of our favorite restaurants. She took a huge bite.

“This must be your cheat day,” I said, as I took a bite of my Italian beef and sausage combo. Frankies had one of the best. A well popular greasy spoon that gave cops free meals. Being members of the Society, we also got to enjoy the free food benefit. 

Sheila swallowed. “It is and I’ve earned every piece of this burger and fries, leave me alone.”

I put my sandwich down, still chewing and held my hands up, surrendering. Once my mouth was clear, I smiled. “No judgement here, darling.”

“I hate you because you can eat whatever you want and never have to worry about gaining one pound,” she said. 

I smiled. “Just one more gift the Agoto gave me.” I reached down and grabbed my sandwich and gobbled about half of it down in two minutes. 

“Damn, I guess you ain’t worried about gas,” Sheila stated. 

I shook my head. “Nope.”

“What are you rushing for?”

“I’m hoping to spend the other half of my lunch period with Raphael.”

Sheila cocked an eyebrow. “Oh? And why not Andre?”

I smirked. “Well, aren’t you being your brother’s cheerleader for his cock in my ass.”

“Ahhh, dude, too much info, you jerk.”

I laughed and shrugged. “You asked.”

“I was just wondering, because you know… I don’t feel all that comfortable talking to my brother about this. For some reason, I feel a little more comfortable talking with you. But still, I have limits,” Sheila said and took another bite of her burger. 

“You think I choose Raphael more than Andre?”

This time she shrugged. “I hope not. I mean, I know you and Raphael were in a relationship before my brother came in between you.”

I smiled. “Awww, that is so sweet. Don’t worry, Sheila. I don’t see it as Andre coming in between us. He is a part of us and Raphael feels the same. I fucked Andre two days ago when I dipped on you. Also, I know he’s in court right now. Whereas Raphael is probably free or can make himself free for me a lot easier. I love both of my men, my mates.”

She smiled. “That’s good. I love my brother and you. I’m still getting used to Raphael. I want you all to be happy.”

I nodded. “Don’t worry, we are.”

“Okay. Speaking of Raphael, please tell me he’s making the beef stroganoff for dinner tonight?” Sheila asked with a wiggle of her eyebrows. 

“Oh yeah, I requested it personally. I love that he cooks so damn well. He makes the cream from scratch, noodles too. The man is amazing. Which is great, because you know I can’t cook for shit and Andre’s cookbook recipes are limited to about ten food items he can cook moderately well,” I said. 

“I’m surprised my brother can cook that many things,” Sheila said, then laughed. “Is your sister still coming?”

I nodded. “Are you bringing your boyfriend?”

Sheila nodded. “It will be Andre’s third time meeting Robert. I’m hoping the third time is the charm.”

I smirked. “You know your brother just wants to protect you. No man is good enough for his sister.”

“Yeah, but I need some dick too in my life. I don’t need him scaring off all my men.”

I laughed. “I’ll keep him reined in, then. Everything should be fine, don’t worry.” I finished my sandwich, took a few swigs of my drink and checked my watch. I had twenty-five minutes left of my lunch time left. Time to get to Raphael. I used my ability to contact him telepathically to make sure he was free.

I am, he replied. 

Oh hell yeah, my cock was hard just thinking about how much I was going to enjoy this afternoon delight. “All right, partner, I will see you in a little bit.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine. Go on, slut.”

I laughed. “No shame in my game.” I got up from the table and dumped both of our trays with the garbage on it. Then I made my way to the bathroom and into one of the stalls so that I could have a bit of privacy to teleport. I did my thing and ended up in Raphael’s office. He was alone and standing by the wall of windows that were behind his desk. He loved the view and who wouldn’t. He had an amazing view of Alandale. The view from our condo did rival it, but still, it was a great view. 

“Hey baby,” I said as I made my way toward him. He was wearing a new suit and damn, did it look so fucking good on him. Tailor made to perfection, hugging all of his curves and lines the only way a well-made suit could. Pin stripe, navy blue, the tie was amazing, the cufflinks custom made and silver. There was a matching handkerchief in his front pocket that matched the silk tie and his watch on his wrist was expensive and sexy. His whole get-up spoke sweet nothings to my dick. Both of my mates knew what a great suit did to me. 

By that same token, I knew how much my uniform turned Raphael on. He loved all the pockets, gun holsters, weapon compartments and the full tactical gear. One of the reasons I liked to visit him on my lunch breaks. Andre liked the uniform too, but he also had to wear it when he had to serve his time patrolling for the Society. Andre, being my Dom, preferred me naked or in leather or rubber. Which is what I tend to be in when he gets home and it’s time for us to play. 

I made my way closer to Raphael and he turned to face me and I pushed him against the window, not caring if anyone saw us. I wanted to claim my man, voyeurs be damned. 

“Oohh, someone is randy.” Raphael smirked. 

“You have no idea.” Once his back was firmly pressed against the firmness of the glass, I kept my hand on his chest, loving the feel of the fabric of his suit under my palm. 

“I love when you get possessive,” Raphael flirted with one of his million dollar smiles. 

“I want to eat you up,” I growled, then I licked his neck, running my tongue up his jaw to his chin. He moaned as I did so, the sound going straight to my cock. My tongue licked his lips and when our lips finally touched, the kiss ignited a fire within me. Jesus, my mates really knew how to drive me wild. 

“How much time do we have?” Raphael asked as he began walking me back to his desk. 

“Twenty minutes,” I said. 

“One day, you need to give me your full lunch hour,” Raphael said, then he turned me over and pushed me face first onto his desk. 

I moved an ink pen out of the way and stayed in the position while Raphael undid my pants and pulled them down. I looked behind my shoulder and licked my lips as he unzipped his pants and reached in, pulling his cock free. That beauty was hard, and dripping with precum. As much as I wanted Raphael’s tongue inside my hole, I knew we didn’t have time for any of the appetizers or dessert. I grunted as the head of his cock pushed passed my ring, a pain I now welcomed and was used to. 

Raphael gripped my hips and really started giving it to me. His skill was amazing and our Agotos relished every stroke and friction that was bringing me to the zenith of pleasure. Raphael leaned down, licking my ear and sucking in my lobe as he swirled his hips against me. Ooohh god, yes. His cock owned my prostate. I trembled from the ecstasy and he chuckled deeply in my ear, sending chills down my spine. 

“You like that, baby?” Raphael asked, his Italian accent thickening for the added seduction, because he knew what it did to me. 

I nodded. “I love everything you do.”

“I know… cum for me, Brian,” Raphael whispered ever so seductively in my ear. 

That was all I needed to hear. His voice, that accent, his cock in my ass… I was a done deal. My legs shook as my orgasm worked itself through me. “Ahhh, ooooh shit, Raphael… I’m going to… I’m cumming,” I announced. 

Raphael reached in front of me, grabbing my cock and began to stroke my shaft and I cried out in pleasure. I convulsed as I came, I knew I was making a mess on the floor and on Raphael’s fingers, but he wouldn’t care. My orgasm triggered Raphael’s and he came hard, filling my ass with his load. I loved the way he shook against me, his body twitching in pleasure as he rode his orgasm to completion. I could feel his strings of cum fill my hole. His cum that I was going to try my best to push out so that I wouldn’t have to walk around with all that cream squishing inside my ass the rest of my shift. 

I loved the sounds he was making as he relished the pleasure of his climax. I turned to look at him again and watched him tremble as he pulled his wilting cock from my well battered ass. 

“You made a mess inside me,” I teased. 

Raphael smiled and held his hand under my asshole. “Give it to me.”

Oh, this was his kinky side in full swing. I pushed and pushed and felt his cum slide out of my asshole. My Agoto absorbed a good amount of it, but not all of it. 

“Yeah, that’s it,” Raphael said. 

“God, this is so hot,” I stated as I wiggled my ass a little. 

Raphael chuckled. “Hungry hole is so sexy to me. I wish we had more time.”

“And if we did?” 

He cocked a blond eyebrow. “I’d suck my cum from your ass, then give you one hell of a rimjob before fucking you again. This time, on your back so that your legs would be spread wide as I pound my cock inside of you.”

Holy shit. “Damn, keep that thought for tonight after dinner.”

Raphael chuckled and nodded. “Looks like this is it. Damn, I came pretty hard.”

I felt that I’d pushed out all of it, so I stood up straight. I reached for Raphael’s pocket handkerchief and walked into his private bathroom to wet and soap it. Then I used it to clean the rest of my cum and his off my body. I then walked back to Raphael and used it to wipe his cock clean. He ashed his own cum that he’d captured from my ass, leaving a little bit of ash in his palm. He took the handkerchief from me and wiped his hand clean. I knew he would clean his hands more thoroughly once I left.

“So, you have everything you need for the beef stroganoff?” I asked. 

He nodded. “I do and you’ll be late for work if you don’t leave.” He reached behind me and slapped my ass. 

I smiled, then texted Sheila to see where she was at. She replied, saying she was in the car in an alley. A perfect way for me to sneak back inside. I kissed Raphael, then teleported into the car, sitting in the passenger seat. Of course, Sheila yelped and jumped, her hand over her heart. 

“Your ass is going to give me a fucking heart attack one day,” she fussed. 

I laughed. I couldn’t help but think about all of the times I had her same reaction whenever Raphael would teleport in on me. “You will get used to it.”

“It’s been over a year, and I’m still not used to it,” she said. 

I bit my bottom lip. “I’ll warn you better then.”

“Yeah, you do that. Jesus,” she said again, exasperated. At least she wasn’t holding her chest now. “Did all go well with Raphael?”

I smiled. “Oh yeah, got that itch scratched real good.” 

“Yeah, I bet. Okay, let’s get back to work.” 

I nodded and sat shotgun as Sheila drove around to the next place where we got a complaint about demon mischief. “Is it me or are we starting to get busier than normal?”

“Are they trying to open the Eighth Gate again?” Sheila asked. 

I shook my head. “At first, I thought that they were, I don’t think that’s the case anymore. Andre said that he took out a demon Elegarate from Seventh Hell that was trying to open the gate to that level. We’re supposed to have a meeting about it tomorrow morning, the new threat.”

“Why would the demons of Seventh Hell want to even challenge Adriel?” Sheila asked. 

I shrugged. “Who the fuck knows why. Maybe they think they have a chance, since Adriel did take a hit.”

“He has Agotos in his army. That alone is reason to back the fuck off.”

I nodded. “A smart demon would take that into consideration and behave themselves. But here we are, on our way to calm down another upstart.” Just then, my cell rang. I pulled it out and looked at the screen. It was my baby sis, I always answered when she called. “Hey Pixie, what’s up?”

“Hey bro. Is this a bad time?”

“Well, we’re heading towards a case now, so I have some time to talk.”

“Okay, you’re working, so I don’t want to keep you. Do you mind if I bring a guest to dinner tonight?” she asked. 

“A guest, who?”

“Well, you know him.”

“Who?” I asked, my eyebrow rising. 

“I will tell you, because I don’t want there to be any surprises. We’ve been dating for two months and it’s getting serious, so I just want him to meet everyone,” Natalie said. 

“Who is he?” I asked again, because she was really trying to sell me this new boyfriend of hers without revealing who he was, since I was supposed to know him already. 

She sighed.

“Pixie, who the fuck is he?”

“Augustus Wheeler. He told me he once worked with you on a case last year. He’s an FBI agent,” she said. 

“Yeah, I know him. Did he tell you that he was a demon?”

“Yes. I mean, not right away, but he did eventually tell me.”

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Augustus dating my sister. He was a Nostera, meant he fed on human blood. Was pretty much a vampire in all sense of the word. Did he feed from my sister? Have they had sex yet? How was my nephew around this bastard? Oh, I wasn’t so sure I liked this. Augustus was bisexual, his lover, unfortunately, had died when Katashniel’s army attacked so many of Adriel’s demons. He’d taken it hard from what I’d heard from Dakkar, who offered his demon child, I guess, comfort during that time. I gave my condolences too, but Augustus and I weren’t close. We weren’t friends. Seems like my sister was aiming to change that. 

“You’re awfully silent over there, brother.”

“Augustus and I did work together. I outrank him in our demon lives. He out ranked me then as an FBI agent. He was respectful enough. Not sure how I feel about you two dating. Has he fed from you?”

This time, she was silent. 


“I’ve got to go and like I said, I don’t want to keep you. See you tonight.”

“Don’t you hang up on me without answer— Fuck, she hung up.”

Sheila laughed. “I hope you can keep your cool tonight. I mean, you’re a demon. So, it would just be crazy if you aren’t pro demon.”

“Depends on the demon, cause I’ll gladly kill and eat some demons too,” I reminded her. 

“Yeah, which is still kind of gross to me. Something I never want to see again if I can help it.” She was referring to the demon I killed in front of her three months ago. He was tying to kill a kid, a sacrifice for a spell that was supposed to make him stronger. I took his soul before he could plunge the knife. It was the first time Sheila saw me feed and it did freak her out. But she was strong and was handling it well, I think. 

“Trust me, Sheila, my feeding habits are so much better than other demons. For instance, Augustus feeds on blood. He has fangs and all.”

She nodded “Yeah, you told me. A real vampire. I guess you sister doesn’t mind.”

“I do.”

“She’s a grown woman.”

“She’s my sister, though.”

“Still a grown woman who can and should be allowed to make her own decisions. You did when you got with Raphael and Andre.”

I held up a finger. “Correction. I didn’t choose to be with either of them, the Agoto chose for me. However, I am more than happy with the choice it made. My sister is choosing to be with a demon. That could be dangerous.”

“She is opening her heart to a demon, who hopefully, is treating her like a queen. If she’s happy, you should support that. Besides, Augustus seemed cool.”

“I just have reservations. I mean, Augustus was human, did evil shit, went to hell and earned his way back.”

“All the more reason for him to stay well behaved.”

I sighed, because Sheila had a point. It was just the big brother in me, the protector that had to adjust to this new development. 

“Just don’t be like Andre is, where no man is ever good enough.”

I snorted. “It’s not like Andre is wrong, Sheila. No man you’ve ever dated was good enough. Let’s see how this new guy is.”

“If you two don’t scare him off.”

“If we do, then he wasn’t good enough.”

Sheila rolled her eyes. Okay, we’re here.

I looked at the building before us, a bar for demons and humans alike. Well, this was going to be fun. 



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