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Eric Cayden is many things, cocky, smart-mouth, sexy as sin, and great in bed. what he doesn't want to be is bothered by other people's drama. His best friend Jordan thinks he's wasting not only his life doing odd jobs for money but also his superhuman abilities when he could be so much more. It's not until he's forced to get violent with some very bad people in order to save Jordan's life, that he sees the truth. It's at that moment when he realizes that he does have a place in the world. Making the villain pay. That is when Eric becomes Cobra. Contains episodes: Origins, Noble, and Unlawful.


WARNING: This series features dark themes, graphic violence, and adult situations. Witty and sarcastic characters: a charming Silver Fox, a cute-as-a-box-of-kittens computer hacker, and a vigilante with a devil-may-care attitude. You'll laugh, gasp and clutch your pearls. You've been warned.

Justified: Fated Vigilante Series B1 Audiobook

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