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Fast X - Movie Review

This series is a guilty pleasure of mine. Yes, I know it's ridiculous. They've raced in air, land, water, and space. Where else can they go?

Well, back to the basics, but with all of that other shit too.

This was just a lot of fun to watch, as it is with all Fast & Furious movies. I will say I'm seeing some wear and tear, so to speak.

The banter between Roman and Luda's character wasn't really all that funny, as it usually is.

And That may be because Roman's character hasn't changed at all since his intro in the series. I've seen some growth with the other characters. Seen how they've evolved, but with Roman/Tyree... it was the same on schtick. Not terrible, but not all that engaging either.

The action scenes were top-notch as always and I'm sure you know, this is a series where apparently, even when you see someone die... don't believe your lying eyes. There was a sacrifice, but I don't believe it really happened. I mean, this is a series where a mofo can drive a car down a mountain and not even get a bruise. Their whole car can flip over 10 times and they'll just climb out with maybe their hair out of place. I mean, maybe their clothes might have a little hole in them, but that's it.

All kinds of science lose battles when they go up against the F&F crew. Gravity? Sit yo ass down and shut up. Kinetic Energy? You can shut the fuck up too. Newton's Theories? If you don't mind your business! Logic? Get yo ass out of here!

It was fun to see some old faces return, even if it was for a cameo. I'm expecting to see more of them because yes, this is a part 1 experience. I wasn't prepared for that, because I didn't do any research on this film beforehand. I was ready to see even more when the credits started rolling on my ass. Left me a bit disappointed because I was so entertained.

Jason Momoa was chewing up so much scenery, I think that's why the budget was $340 million. They kept having to replace it. I mean, he took the cartoon villain to the next level and you could tell he was having too much fun.

I think Vin Diesel showed out by displaying three--count them--THREE different facial expressions and emotions. I didn't think him capable, but he showed me.

Crazy stunts, wild action, cool explosions, and the kid was not annoying at all, which is rare. And I enjoyed the scenes he shared with the other actors.

Yes, there are cliches and standard lines. I did enjoy the plot. I always felt that the plots of these movies do make some sense, even if the villains are typical and over the top. It's a nice revenge plot, although, I did see some of the twists coming.

I'm looking forward to part two, but that won't be until 2025.

FINAL VERDICT: INNOCENT!!! Even though it's guilty of the crime of denying what actually happens to the human body when you do even a little bit of what they pull off in this series. Bailiff, this movie is free to go and spread its entertaining tomfoolery to the masses.

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May 31, 2023

Omg i can’t wait to watch Fast X I love this franchise and I also love how they keep Paul involved even though he is no longer with us. And Vin Diesel i love him

Nicholas Bella
Nicholas Bella
Jun 01, 2023
Replying to

Yeah, me too. I still miss him. He loved these movies, you could tell the joy he had while making them in his performances. Make sure you stay for the after credit scene.

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