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Chained in Darkness
New Haven Series: Season One

You Aren't Prepared for When Noel Meets Vampire Master and Lord, Theoden. This is the paranormal series you didn't know you needed in your life.

Noel's day could have turned out a whole lot better than it did as far as he was concerned. Betrayed by a trusted friend, captured by his enemy--the vampires--and chained naked to a wall in a cold, dark prison isn't his idea of a fun time. He knows he's as good as dead. You just don't rebel against the supes and think you're going to get away with it. And he caused one particular dangerous vampire and a lot of trouble and money. Only time will tell if they make his death quick and hopefully painless, or slow and extremely painful.

Théoden, the Lord of District Five, has had his sights set on Noel from the moment the annoying human set fire to one of his very profitable businesses. Normally, he'd kill anyone who crossed him, but Noel has something special. Something that reminds Théoden of himself and he has plans for the handsome human. Plans and punishment, because he still needs to pay for pissing Théoden off.

Reader Advisory: Stubborn mates, possessive alpha males, more kinks than you can count, and colorful language that may cause severe blushing. Adult content, graphic violence, and all kinds of sexual situations. Proceed with caution. 18+ mature

readers only.NOTE: The rest of the series is available in KU

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