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My name is Theoden, this is the story of my life. Apparently, there has been a huge demand for me to tell it. Normally, I do what I want, unless the command comes from my Sire, Ara. But, revealing the tale about how I became the powerful vampire Prince of the City is something I think I will enjoy telling. You'll see my first mission for the church, my first kill, the life-changing moment when I lost my virginity, and how I chose my first son, all of the things that mean something to me, that made me the vampire I am. So, sit back, and give me all of your attention, as I want your eyes on me. Now, let's begin.


Prepare to be entertained to new heights as Theoden delivers you a unique tale of his life from childhood to the vampire Master you know him to be.


Warning: This is one of the most intense paranormal series you’re ever going to read. Scenes depicted in this series may be too graphic and dark in nature for sensitive readers. Features non-con, torture, forced proximity… basically all that good sh*t you look for in a dark tale. Proceed with caution and get ready to clutch your pearls. This isn’t a romance, but love finds a way amidst the carnage. For mature readers only. Reader discretion is strongly advised due to the highly erotic, dark, and twisted content. Prepare yourself for one hell of a wild ride. Will contain triggers. 


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