You Will Beg

Season  One, Episode Three

The Odin Chronicles Series 

Dark Paranormal Erotica/urban-fantasy/LGBT/BDSM

Short Story Serial/Novel

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Dante: The time has finally come for me to sire the new Lord of my district, and I can't think of a better child than my best friend, Dominic. Of course, that's not the only thing on my mind, considering the fact that my pack is on the verge of war with all of the other wolf packs. I know one thing, I will stand with my Sire and my mate no matter what happens. 


Tylendel: Although, as a dragon Knight, I am none too pleased with Theoden attempting to manipulate me into helping him defend his new territory. However, as his friend, I've decided to stay longer in Josef's territory than I had planned to. Just in case I'm needed. Let us hope that I am not. 


Marco: My punishment has really been wearing on my resolve. I can't even remember the last time Father punished me, but let's just say he hasn't gone soft. I know we have a huge battle coming up, and I might even die... but all I can think about his the sensation of another man's body beneath mine. Damn, why did I have to piss Theoden off? 


Kendrick: Tonight is the night when I'm finally going to make my move on the packs of the Odin territory. They've been living lavishly for too damn long in my opinion. Time for me to get some of that. Well, actually, I plan on taking all of it.  


Donovan: After leaving Noel to patrol on his own, I had my own duties to tend to on this night. Of course, I'd much rather be with my other brothers on the forefront of battle. But, looking for the rotting corpse of the murdered vampire is important, too... I suppose. This is going to be a long night. 


Warning: This series is highly addictive, and fans have complained that it's all they can think about, oftentimes re-reading each book until their next fix. Reader Advisory: 18 and older. Content may be sensitive to some readers, discretion is advised.  

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