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The Song behind Noel's embracing

This was the song I listened to on repeat when I was writing Noel's embracing in Chained in Darkness. I wanted to read a scene where a rebel was turned into the very thing he was fighting against, that is what made me want to write the New Haven series. And while writing that magical scene, I was listening to Vicious Traditions by the Veils. I love how it starts off slow, erotic and dark and as the song goes on, it grows to a crescendo.

Much like the scene where Theoden comes out into the arena and Noel is fearing for his life, but still trying to stay strong. Then, Noel sees that this is really going to happen. He's going to be turned into a vampire and his panic grows as Theoden slides behind him, fangs bared. Then the strike happen, the blood is drawn and the pleasure increased. Next, the transfusion of blood and Noel seals his fate as he drinks from Theoden. Then as the song ends, the blood flow stops and Theoden smiles down at his new son. It is at that point where Noel realizes that things will never be the same for him ever again.

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