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Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

Well, I saw the new Resident Evil movie. There was some stuff I really enjoyed and some stuff that I didn't.

I'll get into the good things first.

I liked that it had the main characters. It was like the 1st and 2nd video game combined in this movie.

There was some fan service, as it's probably the first RE movie that was trying to be faithful to the game.

Had some nice action and jump scares. The sound was creepy enough to give you those scary video game vibes. It was a slow build to the violence and zombies.

What I didn't like.

The characters just didn't have depth and barely any chemistry.

Why the fuck they make Leon a stupid ass baffoon? A drunkard and lame. That wasn't Leon's character in the game. So, that was annoying to me. Leon is one of my favs and they played him like I played his ass the very first time I ever played a RE game. Dumb ass fuck. Leon is badass, but they didn't want to go that way and I don't know why?

You got your zombie violence, but a lot of it was hidden in darkness. Also kind of limited. I think the action in RE2 was better.

Plot wasn't deep at all. Just them trying to get out of Raccoon City in time. Which was the plot to RE 2. Of course, they left the door open for a sequel or 5.

Okay, what this movie taught me, just like other horror movie tropes.

1. Watch your fucking 6. These some sneaky ass quiet monsters.

2. Don't listen to loud music when you're alone and especially in the dark.

3. Close the fucking door behind your ass and lock that bitch!

4. Always grab a weapon when shit is looking sketchy.

5. And for fuck's sake, don't split up!

FINAL VERDICT: ON PROBATION and where was the weed?! It had a lot of callbacks to the games. But it still missed the mark. The setting for scenes are decent, felt like a RE game on a budget. 😂 Bailiff, release the movie. You're free to go for now, but I've got my eyes on you, ya bastard.

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