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A League of Their Own - Retro Movie Retrospect

A League of Their Own was the first movie I ever saw where the villain won.

I loved that movie until the very end when Dottie ( I think that was Gina Davis' character's name) threw the game for her sister's benefit.

Her little sister who was whiny, combative, selfish and self-centered the whole movie.

So what if she could never just win one time against her big sister, that damn game on that damn day was NOT the time to give her that "win".

Gina Davis' character completely disregarded all of the struggle and hard work her teammates put into that game. She pissed all over their ambition, sacrifice and effort just so that her sister could finally get her way.

The league didn't even want her bratty sister and would only take her if she joined. So, I guess she didn't care one way or the other about that win, since she wasn't all that invested. That's how her character came off to me.

Of course, her bratty sister didn't care if her "victory" was tainted or not, only that she finally beat her big sis.

I was mad as hell as a kid watching that ending. And then she had the nerve to show her face at the Hall of Fame baseball ceremony.

Have you no shame?

To this day, I have zero respect for both of those sisters when I watch that movie. If Dottie wanted to pacify her sister, she should have done that shit on her own time, not everyone else's.

I still enjoy it, except for the end.

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