Fate - Limited Release until Apr 30, 2020

Season Two, Episode Three 

The Demon Gate Series Finale

Dark Paranormal Erotica/Horror/LGBT/BDSM

Short Story Serial/Novella 

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This is the epic series finale, be prepared for it to be explosive. 

Brian: After defeating one of the strongest demons I've ever faced since becoming an Agoto, my own life hangs in the balance. Seems as though that shaman didn't go down without a fight, delivering one hell of a final blow to me and my king, Adriel's army. This may be my end. 

Raphael: Darkness. That was the last thing I saw when I helped Oria defeat that shaman.   Darkness is what traps my now, I was falling in it, catapulting around and around, unable to grasp anything. God, what in the hell was happening to me? Was this the final blow? Would I ever see my mates again? Did this also happen to Brian? Was Andre still alive? I didn't know. I couldn't feel them anymore. Was I dead? Was this my afterlife? Where am I? 


Andre: With all the chaos going on around me, the only thing I could focus on was the fact that the connection I felt with both Raphael and Brian seemed to be fading. Oh god, did that mean they were dying? Please say it ain't so. I can't lose them, especially not when we were so close to ending this war. I needed to get to the king, surely he'll know what we need to do next. 


Reader Advisory: 18 and older. Content may be sensitive to some readers, discretion is advised.



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