Fan Club Rules

Alright, Bellaholics, this is our little sanctuary in the internet chaos. I want to keep this a drama-free zone. So, here are the rules. As long as we all follow them, this place is going to stay so fucking awesome. As you know, there’s plenty to do here. Look at hot images and vids. Character and book chats by NB. Amazing author takeovers where you get to find new books to read and authors to love.

So here are the rules.


Conduct: First thing is first... if you have an issue with something that is going on in the group. please do not take it upon yourself to complain to that person. That's why this group has three Admins, (Nicholas Bella, Kathy Mcfarland and Jamie Anne). The admins are the ones who will discreetly handle any issues that way we don't cause any unnecessary conflict between members. Often times, tone doesn't transfer well in written messages and people tend to take things the wrong way. We also need to make sure that little things don't get blown out of proportion. This is another reason why it's so important to go to the admins. Trust in us to handle any problems that arise. That way we don't have members at each other's throats.


Author Takeovers: That is the time for an author to talk about all of their promotion, blog tours, post about their interviews, etc. Also, if fans want to contribute to their promotion, please feel free to do so during their takeovers.


Discussing other author's books: That's fine with me. I know members have asked questions like: "Has anyone read such and such's book. How is it?" and that's just fine.

Posting about new releases: Authors, if you have a new book coming out. Please feel free to make 1 post in the group to let the members know about it. Members, if you know about books that you think members will like, we have a book file which can be added to that lists great books from all kinds of authors.

Main group discussion section: That should be for sexy male hotness that I REALLY do get inspiration from. I'm sure other authors do too. discussing movies, tv shows, Nicholas Bella books and characters. Please make sure you post "spoiler" in the topic when you do for members who haven't read the book you're discussing yet. Funny memes are welcomed because laughing is awesome stress reliever. And for authors to post their new releases.


In general: If you see something that is wrong, report it to the admins to bring it to our attention and we'll deal with it. Again, and I can't stress this enough because this is how things get out of hand. Please do not go to that person yourself.


I believe this covers it.

Much love, NB

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