Volume Two

Episodes: Hijinks, Charmed and Lovelorn

The Demon Gate  Series

Dark Paranormal Erotica/Horror/LGBT/BDSM

Available Ebook/Print/Audio

Brian Cordero here again, and t's been a few months since I first became a demon. Raphael is in my life regardless if I want him to be or not,  and it's harder and harder to resist his charm. Hell, I don't even think I want to. if having one sexy-beyond-reality demon isn't enough, I now have the baddest of the biggest of bad boy demons making sure I know my place in his army. That's right, the Demon King of the eighth level of hell, Adriel. Turns out, he doesn't like riffs between Agoto demons and he's making sure Raphael and I learn to play nice. I'm also knee-deep in trying to stop a horrible portal from being opened that would no doubt unleash one demonic hellspawn that we don't need on this plane. Plus, I still have my police duties and protecting my partner, Sheila and my little sister, Natalie from the dangers I now know exists is more than a full-time job on top of everything else. 


Warning: Reader Advisory: 18 and older. Content may be sensitive to some readers, discretion is advised.