Book Two 

The Gods and Slaves  Series

Dark Science Fiction Erotica/Action/Dark Romance/LGBT

Novella Serial  

Word Count 

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"Favor of the gods is given to those with passion."


Mateo has quickly learned that his fate is at the mercy of the gods and the frenzied crowd at the arena. Knowing that if he has any hope of gaining his freedom, it will be through the blood he sheds on the sands. That is his destiny... or is it? When his prowess in the arena catches the eye and desires of the very same god who not only spared his life before but also took his virginity, his destiny may very well change directions. Only one problem... humans and gods aren't supposed to let their emotions get entangled. Will such a forbidden act doom him... or free him? 


WARNING: This novella series is not for sensitive eyes, as it is brutal, dark, raunchy, and in your face with its lewd, crude, and rude attitude. I'm talking no-holds-barred bloody battles and dirty, wet, messy sex with hot, animalistic men who have no inhibitions. They take what they want when they want it, and they don’t have to be nice about it. This series is intended for very mature readers who are looking for something out of this world to read.


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