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New Haven Series: Prequel

My name is Theoden, this is the story of my life. Normally, I do what I want, unless the command comes from my Sire, Ara. But, revealing the tale about how I became the powerful vampire Prince of the City is something I think I will enjoy telling. You'll see my first mission for the church, my first kill, the life-changing moment when I lost my virginity, and how I chose my first son, all of the things that mean something to me, that made me the vampire I am. So, sit back, and give me all of your attention, as I want your eyes on me. Now, let's begin. Prepare to be entertained to new heights as Theoden delivers you a unique tale of his life from childhood to the vampire Master you know him to be.

Warning: This is one of the most intense paranormal series you’re ever going to read. Proceed with caution and get ready to clutch your pearls. This isn’t a romance, but love finds a way amidst the carnage. For mature readers only. Will contain triggers.

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Includes Bonus Scene

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