Volume One

Issues: Origins, Noble and Unlawful

Cobra: The  Vigilante  

Dark Superhero Erotica/Action/Dark Humor/LGBT/BDSM

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"He saw me as his hero, but I'm nobody's hero."


     At least that's what I tell myself. My name is Eric Cayden, and I'm a man with some pretty extraordinary abilities. It's because I have these superhuman powers, my best friend, Jordan, sees me as hero material. I'm not the only one in the world with special abilities, of course. Some people have already stepped up to the plate and made themselves martyrs, but I'm not about self-sacrificing for the greater good and all that crap. Not anymore. I've already bled for my country. Now, I just want to live a normal life in the shadows and make a lot of money doing odd jobs on the side. Is that too much to ask? Well, according to my friend, Jordan, I'm destined to be something better than a glorified errand boy. He thinks I have a higher calling. He thinks I can be a hero. Well, I'm not too sure about the hero part, but I do hate it when bad people get away with doing evil things. So maybe, just maybe Jordan has a point. We'll see, won't we? 


Warning: This series is for adults only. Hot man-on-man action takes place within these pages featuring a confident, silver fox detective,  a cocky, superpowered vigilante lacking 20/20 vision, and a sexy, genius computer hacker. 


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